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Post Childbirth breast, Pelvic and Ovary care is a crucial step for every mother which is often left untreated. Wellness Balance is now offering all these treatments via non invasive methods providing recovery in a short time.

Transformative Care for Breast Pelvic Ovary care : Safe, Natural, Effective

Prevents Progression is VITAL

Early treatment can halt the progression of conditions like breast lumps or uterine fibroids, reducing complications and the need for more invasive interventions in the future!

Embark on a journey to rejuvenate and heal with Wellness Balance, where ancient wisdom meets modern therapy in women’s health care. We specialise in a holistic approach to women’s health, expertly treating conditions like menstruation issues, Endometritis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, breast lumps, pain from intercourse, postpartum recovery, incontinence,  and offering expert pelvic restoration treatments.

Tailored Treatment for Specific Conditions:


  • Breast Lump Management: Our approach aims to reduce breast lump size and prevent further growth.
  • Pelvic floor Restoration: Tailored pelvic restoration therapies, focusing on strengthening pelvic floor muscles, improving pelvic alignment, and enhancing overall pelvic health.
  • Postpartum Recovery: Tailored pelvic restoration therapies, focusing on strengthening pelvic floor muscles, improving pelvic alignment, and enhancing overall pelvic health.
  • Uterine Fibroids Management: Focused on pain relief and size reduction, our treatments improve overall ovary and uterine health through personalized care plans.

    breast lump reduction

    We work on reducing breast lumps naturally, including fibroadenoma, synergizes lymphatic drainage massage with specialised Chinese medicine massage techniques.

    Breast Lump Reduction Treatment

    Fibroadenomas, though still benign, may increase the risk of developing breast cancer and thus warrant closer observation and intervention.

    We work on reducing breast lumps naturally, including fibroadenoma, synergizes lymphatic drainage massage with specialised Chinese medicine massage techniques.

    This method targets essential acupressure points to enhance breast health. The treatment concludes with expert acupuncture to restore hormonal balance, tackling the root causes of breast lumps and fibroadenoma.


    Importance of Controlling Breast Lumps

    • Preventing Growth: Early intervention is key to preventing the enlargement of lumps, which can complicate treatment .
    • Health Monitoring: Controlling lumps is essential for monitoring changes in breast health, aiding in the early detection of more serious conditions.

      Pelvic restoration &
      Postpartum Recovery

      Recover from, Decreased tightness sensation,<br />
Vaginal laxity,<br />
Incontinence,<br />
Distorted body shape,<br />
Recurrent vaginal infections,<br />
Mis-aligned internal organs,<br />
Damaged pelvic floor muscles,<br />
Backache with our treatments at Wellness Balance

      Returning to vitality

      ✔ No Injection ✔ No Surgery ✔ No Implants ✔ No Pills


      Pelvic injuries can lead to:
      • Damages pelvic floor muscles
      • Decreased tighness sensation
      • Distorted body shape”Recurring vaginal infections
      • Mis-aligned internal organs
      • Vaginal laxity
      • Incontinence
      • Backache

      pelvic restoration

      ✔ Immediate Visible Results
      ✔ Body Sculpting
      ✔ Prevent inflammation
      ✔ Delay Menopausal Symptoms

        Changes on pelvic that happens after childbirth

        The Unspoken Journey of Postpartum Recovery


        Post-birth, a world of unspoken challenges awaits. Did you know?

        Hidden Struggles: Post-cesarean, 60% of women grapple with cervical prolapse, soaring to 80% after natural childbirth.
        The Ache That Lingers: Half of all new mothers endure persistent lower back pain.
        Intimate Hurdles: Over 50% face sexual discomfort in the initial months, lingering for many.
        Silent Tears: A staggering 87-90% encounter pain and laxity, reshaping their intimate experiences.
        Invisible Battles: Urinary incontinence and constipation, a hidden reality for 45%.



        Unveiling the Pelvic Mastery


        At the core of our skeletal framework lies the pelvis – a structural marvel and the epicenter of our physical wellbeing. It’s not just a bone; it’s the foundation that upholds the spine, orchestrates the harmony of leg movements, and safeguards our vital organs. The pelvis, in its grandeur, cradles essentials like the bladder, rectum, and reproductive organs. A well-aligned, robust pelvis isn’t just a component of our anatomy; it’s a testament to optimal health and a life lived in balance.

        Our holistic Postpartum Recovery program is designed to support mothers. It includes cervical and pelvic floor revival through advanced massage techniques, critical for post-cesarean or natural childbirth recovery.
        The treatment also focuses on spinal harmony, pain alleviation, restoring sexual health, and promoting urinary and bowel wellness. Incorporating acupuncture, our method harmonizes hormonal balance, aiding in natural healing and rejuvenation.

          Comprehensive Postpartum Wellness


          Pelvic Perfection: Cervical & Pelvic Floor Revival

          • Cervical Resilience Program: Targeted solutions for cervical prolapse, prevalent of post-birth scenarios.
          • Pelvic Floor Empowerment: Strengthening and rejuvenating pelvic muscles, pivotal for enduring wellness.


          Back to Basics: Spinal Harmony & Pain Alleviation

          • Lumbar Relief Initiative: Customized relief for experiencing postpartum lower back discomfort.
          • Spine Alignment & Fortification: Transformative care for spinal health, enhancing posture and strength.


          Intimate Renewal: Restoring Sexual Health & Comfort

          • Reclaiming Intimacy: Tailored strategies for overcoming postpartum sexual challenges faced by over half of new mothers.
          • Gentle Healing for Tearing & Laxity: Compassionate, non-invasive approaches for grappling with physical changes post-delivery.


          Inner Balance: Urinary and Bowel Wellness

          • Incontinence Overcome: Innovative methods for regaining bladder control, supporting 45% of women in their postnatal journey.
          • Bowel Function Optimization: Natural, effective strategies for enhancing digestive wellness post-childbirth.
          Early postpartum interventions aid in quicker and more complete recovery, tackling issues like incontinence and pelvic floor weakness effectively.

            natural cure for ovarian cysts & uterine fibroids

            This treatment is tailored for women suffering from uterine fibroids. It features advanced specialised body massage to enhance circulation and aid in reducing fibroid size.

            recover from ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids

            Early care is vital for maintaining reproductive health and fertility and vitality.

            Embark on a Transformative Journey to reduce the size of your Cysts or Fibroid , we understand the unique challenges posed. We’re dedicated to turning your struggle with fibroids into a journey of healing and empowerment.

            This treatment is tailored for women suffering from uterine fibroids. It features advanced specialised body massage to enhance circulation and aid in reducing cysts or fibroid size. Acupuncture is also precisely administered to improve blood flow, alleviate pain, and potentially shrink fibroids. Note: This treatment is contraindicated for cysts or fibroids over 6cm in size.

              Multi buy offers at Wellness Balance
              Multi buy offers at Wellness Balance

              Frequently Asked Questions

              What is fibroadenoma?

              A non-malignant breast mass that consists of connective and glandular tissue is called a fibroadenoma. This is the most frequent kind of breast mass in young women, and it may be influenced by hormones. A fibroadenoma is usually hard, even, and elastic, and it can slide freely in the breast tissue. Most fibroadenomas are not painful or need treatment, unless they are very big or alter the breast’s appearance.

              How fibroadenoma breast lumps occurs?

              Fibroadenomas canbe influenced by hormones, such as estrogen, that affect the breast. They usually show up during adolescence or pregnancy and disappear after menopause. The precise origin of fibroadenomas is unclear.

              When fibroadenoma breast lumps become painful?

              Fibroadenoma Breast Lumps may be sensitive or painful a few days prior to your menstrual cycle. A big fibroadenoma may also cause pain when you press it. However, most fibroadenomas are not painful or need treatment. If you have a breast lump that is bothering you, you should see your doctor for guidance. After diagnosis they can be managed for breast lump reduction at our breast pelvic ovary care clinic.

              How fibroadenoma breast lumps goes away?

              Fibroadenomas breast lumps usually show up during adolescence or pregnancy and disappear after menopause. However, some fibroadenomas may stay the same size or get bigger. In some situations, surgery may be required to take out a fibroadenoma that is causing pain, discomfort, or aesthetic issues. There are different kinds of surgery, such as surgical removal or freezing, that can eliminate the fibroadenoma completely or partially.

              But for non surgical removal or breast lump reduction we have care and lymphatic drainage massages at out Breast Pelvic Ovary Care clinic.

              How lymphatic drainage massage can help reducing fibroadenoma breast lumps?

              Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that helps improve the flow of lymphatic fluid through the body. Lymphatic fluid is a watery substance that carries white blood cells, oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues. Lymphatic Drainage Massage can help shrink fibroadenoma breast lumps, which are harmless growths made of connective and glandular tissue.

              Lymphatic Drainage may benefit by:

              • Easing swelling and stiffness in the breast tissue, which may help the fibroadenoma breast lump reduction.

              • Boosting blood flow and oxygen supply to the breast tissue, which may aid healing and prevent infection.

              • Strengthening the immune system and the elimination of waste and toxins from the body, which may stop the fibroadenoma from growing.

              At Wellness Blanace, the massage begins from the neck and goes downwards to the chest, armpits, and breasts. The pressure should be light and cozy, and the massage should take about 20 to 30 minutes.

              What is Urinary Incontinence?

              For stress urinary incontinence, first eliminate internal organ pressure, then proceed with lifting training, stability training, etc. Due to the effect of gravity, especially in postpartum mothers, the internal organs can sag into the small pelvis, exerting pressure on the uterus and bladder. This can lead to stress-induced urinary incontinence.

              As long as the cause of the urinary leakage is identified, solving it becomes simple!

              Who needs postpartum recovery?
              • Mothers who have not undergone postpartum recovery for many years.
              • Individuals who have been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight over the years.
              • People suffering from obesity due to organ prolapse.
              • Those with relaxed pelvic floor muscles.
              • Individuals with diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles).
              • Those in need of pelvic repair and Urinary incontinence.
              • Individuals with hormonal imbalances.
              • Those preparing for pregnancy.
              • People suffering from long-term insomnia.
              • Those experiencing lower back pain postpartum.
              • Individuals with postpartum breast, shoulder, and back congestion.


                                  What is the Purpose of the Pelvic Floor Muscles?
                                  1. Support – Holding up the organ
                                  2. Sphincter Control – Urination and defecation
                                  3. Sexual Function – Involvement in sexual activity

                                  The strength, elasticity, blood supply, and neurological sensitivity of the pelvic floor muscles directly affect every aspect of our lives. Therefore, it’s best to repair the pelvic floor muscles as early as possible. Whether you’re a mother who gave birth five years ago or ten years ago, pelvic floor muscle repair is essential.


                                  "After struggling with persistent breast lumps and menstrual discomfort, I turned to Suzie. Her unique combination of massage and acupuncture not only alleviated my symptoms but also provided a deeper sense of relief and well-being. Her approach to breast lump management and menstrual health care is both gentle and effective, making me feel truly cared for."

                                  Emily Thompson

                                  "Dealing with uterine fibroids was a major concern for me, impacting my daily life. Suzie offered a life-changing experience. Her specialised body massage and acupuncture treatments have significantly reduced the size of my fibroids, and I've noticed a remarkable improvement in my overall health. It's more than just a treatment; it's a journey to empowerment."

                                  Sophia Patel

                                  "Post childbirth, I faced numerous challenges, including pelvic floor weakness and back pain. The comprehensive postpartum program by Suzie was a godsend. Their cervical and pelvic floor revival treatments, combined with spinal alignment techniques, have dramatically improved my quality of life. I now feel a renewed sense of vitality and strength. "

                                  Olivia Wong

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                                  Ovarian Premature Aging: Unveil the Signs Before It’s Too Late!

                                  Ovarian Premature Aging: Unveil the Signs Before It’s Too Late!

                                  Reading Time: 3 minutes Ageing is an inevitable journey shared by all, yet its tempo varies widely among us. Some manage to defy the years, maintaining a youthful essence well into later life, while others feel the weight of time more acutely. For women, the premature aging of ovaries often underlies this variance, highlighting the need for awareness and action.

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