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We believe in individualized wellness, crafting unique treatment blueprints from a wide range of therapies.



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Experience the transformative power of holistic healing

Experience the power of holistic healing

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Suzie Chen



Meet Suzie, a Chinese physiotherapist whose journey began with intensive Tui Na medical massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy and beauty care training in China. Her relentless pursuit of excellence led her to obtain Western certifications from acupuncture , beauty and various massage techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage and Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage massage.

Merging Eastern wisdom with Western innovation, Suzie has crafted a unique Chinese Lymphatic Drainage technique. Her signature Anti-Aging massage exemplifies a fusion of these diverse therapies, establishing her as a distinguished expert in both Pain Management and Anti-Aging.

As a certified Yoga instructor and a member of the British Acupuncture Society, Suzie embodies a holistic approach to health. Elevating her practice, she now offers UK-licensed injection therapies such as Lemon Bottle and a range of vitamins, enhancing her holistic wellness repertoire.


Suzie’s unrelenting efforts in both creation and education have amplified her innate passion for traditional Chinese medicine, a cherished family legacy. Her devotion to constant learning from top experts in the field has enabled her to meld ancestral traditions with cutting-edge research. This symbiosis serves as the cornerstone of her fulfilling career, allowing her to deliver transformative therapies that impact lives profoundly.


Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences that spans across China and the UK, as well as from her family’s historical wisdom in health practices, Suzie has become a leading authority in pain management and anti-aging. Witnessing the toll that work-related stress and health issues took on former colleagues, family and friends, she diligently explored potent treatment methods. By integrating acupuncture, medical massage, yoga, and health consulting, Suzie has committed herself to making a transformative impact on people’s lives.


Dedicated to lifelong learning and the science of reverse aging, Suzie is intensely committed to understanding the unique needs of each client. Her devotion lies in assisting them to reclaim their health, age in a way that defies traditional norms, and attain a life that is vibrant, pain-free, and balanced.

Impressive Track Records with A-List Clientele

Her credibility speaks volumes. Suzie has a proven track record in tackling both pain management and anti-aging, offering you therapies that not just heal but also rejuvenate and transform. From royal families and celebrities to top-tier professionals, Suzie’s client list is as exclusive as it gets.

dr song

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Pain management specialist

Over 20 years practice experience in Chinese medicine , holding master degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and master degree in Pain management in the UK.

​Dr Song was working as a General Surgeon in a Chinese hospital for over 10 years before moved to the UK to practice Traditional Chinse medicine full time in 2007. He believes Western medicine changes our cell structure/ DNA and only offer temporary relief.

​From practising Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr Song has identified his passion for pain management.

dr song

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Chang Liu

Chang Liu Senior physiotherapist

Senior Physiotherapist

I am a senior physiotherapist dedicated to improving quality of life through individualised treatment. I hold dual Master’s degrees from prestigious UK institutions, including an MSc in Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal Healthcare and Rehabilitation from UCL.

Currently, I am working in an NHS hospital, where I have assumed leadership positions in critical care and elderly medicine. My expertise lies in addressing musculoskeletal conditions, ensuring I restore optimal functionality and well-being. My methods are grounded in evidence-based practices, customised to meet each client’s distinct requirements.

I am committed to educating those I serve, equipping them with preventative strategies and exercises. I eagerly deliver my holistic and empathetic care to you.

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