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Anti Aging

Suzie Providing master pain massage at her establishment Wellness Balance

Revitalize, Rejuvenate and Reverse the Clock with anti aging treatments!

Your pathway to Age-Defying Radiance!


Embark on a timeless journey with Scientifically Backed, Age-defying Anti Aging Treatments that Harmonize Ancient Wisdom and Modern Innovation. 

At our anti aging clinic We offer unparalleled luxury, grounded in scientific rigor, be it anti aging treatments or anti aging injections, nestled in the heart of London. This is where agesless beauty isn’t just a wish-it’s a reality you can touch, feel and live every day. 

Here’s why our treatment is worth the investment:

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Our Anti Aging Clinic:
Perfect Blend of Science and Soul

Melding ancient acupuncture with state-of-art facial rejunevation, we offer more than mere surface-level change. We’re in the business of deepn meaningful and enduring transformation. Take our Facial Rejunevation Acupuncture – studies show it can turn back the aging clock by 15 years. Coupled with our specialized medical massages and Lemon Bottle aesthetic treatments, our synergistic therapies coost collagen production and enhance blood circulation to unveil, more youthful, radiant you. 

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Anti Aging Treatments:
Safe and Effective

Steeped in thousands years of practice, FRA and Medical Massage are proven methods to safely enhance your complexion while minimizing risks and side effects.

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Holistic by Design

Our approach is holistic and non-surgical, focusing not just on the skin but the soul. From Facial RejuvenationAcupuncture to tailored Medical Massage and natural beauty treatments, we draw upon a spectrum of therapies that have stood the test of millennia, now backed by moern science. 

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Customizable Anti Aging Treatments

You are unique and your skincare should be too. We fine-tune each treatment to bring you optimial, long-lasting results that leave you refreshed, rejuvanted and radiant.

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Long-lasting Results

Regular sessions of our anti aging treatments duo promise enduring effects, fostering a natural, healthy glow that will have you feeling your best for years. 

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Our Commitment to You

Its not just about looking good; It’s about a life well-lived, in a body you’re proud to inhabit at any age. Feel younger, look sublime and experience life at its fullest!

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Age Gracefully

With our groundbreaking, natural anti aging treatment solutions, age truly becomes just a number. Walk out with a youthful complexion and a spirit that ages with grace, confidence and poise. 

The idea is to die YOUNG as LATE as possible

A lady taking cosmetic facial acupuncture service by professionals like Wellness Balance

Signature Bliss massage with acupuncture

Experience the ultimate anti aging wellness with incredible combination of acupuncture and massage

A lady taking cosmetic facial acupuncture service by professionals like Wellness Balance

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture LONDON

Holistic, non-invasive treatment – boosts collagen for silky smooth face

A lady taking cosmetic facial acupuncture service by professionals like Wellness Balance

Signature chinese anti aging facial

Looking younger and radiant naturally.

A lady taking cosmetic facial acupuncture service by professionals like Wellness Balance

Beauty and wellness Anti Aging injections

Imagine a life where you not only feel good but look absolutely stunning, radiating confidence from every angle.

Its time for you to glow! Unleash your inner radiance and age beautifully with us. Experience the age-defying difference of our Facial Acupuncture Londnon at our Anti Aging Clinic

Multi buy offers at Wellness Balance
Multi buy offers at Wellness Balance


"Suzie's anti aging treatment felt like magic – a symphony of gentle touches that danced on my skin, leaving it toned, tightened, and beaming with youthfulness. Under Suzie's skilled hands, I fell into a deep meditative oasis, awakening to a feeling of being refreshed, revitalized, and utterly rejuvenated. For those seeking a natural and non-invasive anti aging treatment, I'd highly recommend Suzie's cosmetic acupuncture. You'll enjoy both the journey and the results! "

Angela Musso

" Combining massage and acupuncture for anti-ageing has been a game-changer for me. The relaxation benefits of massage combined with the targeted stimulation of acupuncture left me feeling renewed and rejuvenated. I experienced improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and an overall sense of wellness. I highly recommend this powerful natural approach to anti-aging "

Huan Li

" I had my first anti ageing massage and acupuncture and it was absolutely amazing! Suzie worked on key acupuncture points to ease my muscle tension and improve my circulation. The deep relaxation I felt was truly transformative, and I left feeling renewed and rejuvenated. I can't wait to book my next appointment. "

Sarah Lewis

“Suzie is an absolute gem! I had the pleasure of receiving LemonBottle Fat Dissolving Injections from her, and the results were incredible. Her expertise and professionalism made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Suzie’s attention to detail and personalized approach were truly commendable. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a safe and effective way to eliminate stubborn fat. Thank you, Suzie, for helping me achieve my body goals!”

Sophia Collins

"I have been getting LemonBottle skin booster injections from Suzie for over a year now and I can honestly say that they have transformed my skin. My complexion is smoother, brighter, and more hydrated than ever before. Suzie is very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. She always explains the procedure and answers any questions I have. She also makes sure that I am comfortable and relaxed during the treatment. I highly recommend Suzie to anyone who wants to improve their skin quality and appearance. She is the best!"

Lisa Parker

Unlock the secret to outsmart aging and embrace vitality


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