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60 Minutes

90 Minutes

Clinic £135 | Home Visit £169

Clinic £169 | Home Visit £220

60 Minutes

Clinic £135 | Home Visit £169

90 Minutes

Clinic £169 | Home Visit £220

Do you want a younger-looking complexion?

Do you want stress relieving massage?

Do you want to give your face skin nutrition and care?


Looking younger and radiant naturally with
facial treatment

Facial and head massage move toxins out, prevents the forming of wrinkles, increase oxygen flow to reduce swelling and puffiness. It can also reduce stress, headaches and speed circulation through stress relieving massage.

Advanced Tui Na techniques are used to on head massage. Well tested Gua Sha techniques (known for reducing wrinkes) are used on face. A top quality facial mask will be used in the end to give your skin nutrition.

Luxury blend of head massage &
neck shoulder pain massage

Your journey begins with a stress-melting scalp, neck, and shoulder massage, prepping your body and mind for the transformative facial ahead. Our estheticians employ a luxurious blend of Rose Essential Oil, acclaimed for its anti aging and hydrating properties, to quench your skin’s thirst.

The Experience: Beyond a Facial, It’s a Revival

 The multi-step process unfolds with thorough cleansing, exfoliation, toning, and then it’s time for the spotlight—Traditional Chinese Acupressure Points Massage and Lymphatic Drainage. By targeting specific zones on your face, we release tension, improve circulation, and encourage the natural detoxification process.

While a lush, hydrating facial mask works its wonder, a massage of your neck and arms with hands offers you a state of nirvana. Finally, your skin receives the pampering it deserves with deeply moisturizing oil and cream.


Unveil the Secrets of Ancient Wisdom

Our specialty doesn’t end here. We also employ Gua Sha techniques, a Chinese healing art that’s become the talk of the beauty world. Known for its potent ability to:

✔ Minimize Wrinkles
✔ Sculpt Facial Muscles
✔ Bestow Instant Youthfulness

The Outcome: Health and Beauty That Shines

Reclaim your youthful glow, tightened skin, and revitalized complexion in a holistic, natural manner. Emerge not just with a radiant face, but with a renewed sense of wellbeing and vitality.


Don’t Let Time Steal Your Glow. Book Your Session Today at our anti aging wellness clinic!

Explore the alchemy of time-honored practices and modern science, and discover the transformative power of holistic skincare. BOOK NOW to experience the wonders of this ancient art, modernized for your contemporary needs.


Facial acupuncture is recommended in addition to this massage to mirror botox effect naturally.

Multi buy offers at Wellness Balance
Multi buy offers at Wellness Balance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is anti aging facial treatment?

An anti aging facial treatment is a type of skin care procedure that aims to improve the appearance and health of aging skin. Aging skin may show signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, dryness, and sagging. Anti aging facial treatments can help prevent, slow down, or reverse these changes by using various methods and ingredients. 

Anti aging facial treatments are performed by skin care professionals or at home with the appropriate products and devices at Wellness Balance. They can be combined with other skin care practices, such as cleansing, moisturising, applying sunscreen, and using anti-aging products, to achieve the best results. Anti aging facial treatments can help maintain a youthful and healthy complexion, but they cannot stop the natural aging process of the skin.

How often should you get facial treatment?

The frequency of getting a facial treatment depends on several factors, such as your skin type, skin condition, skin goals, and the type of facial you choose. According to most dermatologists and skin care professionals, the ideal facial frequency is once per month. This is because the skin cell turnover cycle in the epidermis is 28 days long. Therefore, getting a professional facial more than once a month could be irritating to the skin.


The best way to determine how often you should get a facial is to consult with a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist who can assess your skin needs and recommend a suitable facial regimen for you. They can also advise you on the proper skin care practices and products to use at home to enhance the results of your facials. Getting regular facials can help you achieve a healthy, glowing, and youthful complexion.

What is the benefit of head massage?

Facial and head massage move toxins out, prevent the forming of wrinkles, increase oxygen flow to reduce swelling and puffiness. It can also reduce stress, headaches and speed circulation through stress relieving massage.

Advanced Tui Na techniques are used on head massage. Well tested Gua Sha techniques (known for reducing wrinkles) are used on the face. A top quality facial mask will be used in the end to give your skin nutrition.

How facial treatment and head massage works as a stress relieving massage?

Facial treatment and head massage are two types of massages that can work as stress-relieving massages. They can help you relax, reduce tension, and improve your mood by stimulating the blood flow, nerve endings, and muscles in your face and head.

Facial treatment is a massage that focuses on the skin and facial muscles. It can use different techniques, such as gentle strokes, kneading, tapping, or applying pressure to specific points. Facial treatment can help with skin health, appearance, and elasticity, as well as reduce wrinkles, acne, and puffiness. It can also release emotional stress and anxiety that are often stored in facial expressions.

Head massage is a massage that targets the scalp, temples, forehead, and neck. It can use various methods, such as rubbing, squeezing, or tapping. Head massage can help with headache, migraine, and neck pain relief, as well as lower blood pressure and promote hair growth. It can also relax the central nervous system and calm the mind.

Both facial treatment and head massage can work as stress-relieving massages by activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the rest and digest response. This can lower the levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, and increase the levels of feel-good hormones, such as serotonin and endorphins. By doing so, they can enhance your well-being and quality of life. 

What are the benefits of anti-aging whole body massage?

The first one is a Tui Na medical massage, which claims to heal pain, enhance healing, and energise the spirit. The second one is a lymphatic drainage technique, which claims to cleanse the body, boost the immunity, and improve health. The third one is an anti-aging formula, which claims to rejuvenate the skin, restore vitality, and increase beauty. The program promises to deliver a comprehensive and transformative experience that will make the customers feel younger and healthier.

How can I book a massage session at home?

At Wellness Balance we provide all the services delivered at home. Just book a session clicking on the booking links and select your schedule, our specialists will be at your services as per the booking time.

Where is the wellness Balance clinic for massage near me?

Our clinics are located below, where you can visit for services and information

• 7-9 Eccleston Street, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9LX
• 49 Marylebone High St, London W1U 5HJ
• 36 St Mary at Hill, London, EC3R 8DU

We also provide services at your home. Please contact us or click on the booking links

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